Friday, September 26, 2008

Common Questions Answered

Over the past week, I've been bombarded with pretty much the same questions over and over. Here are the answers to the most common:

Do you know the sex of the baby? No, we don't. We have only heard the baby's heartbeat. Next month, we probably will have an ultrasound. We are no going to find out the sex. If we change our minds and find out, we will still keep it a surprise. Well, of course, if we just can't stand to hold in the secret.

Have you picked out names? Yes, we have picked out names a long time ago before we were even pregnant or trying. Unless you already know what we've chosen, it will remain a secret until the birth of the baby.

How are you feeling? Just fine. If I wasn't, You ALL will know about it.

How is Aaron holding up? He'll be OK until I go into labor!

Right now, we are working on small projects around the house. We haven't painted the baby's room yet. We need to do a little prep work in the closet first. I am a minimalist so I'm also working on getting a closet organization system to maximize space.

I'm slowly doing research on items I really want on my registry. So, don't go hunting around for anything yet. It will probably change several times over the next 2-3 months.

One last thing...any of you mothers have any good tips feel free to email me. The most useful are ideas on how to save money, where to get good deals, and things NOT to waste money on....just to name a few. We do plan a natural childbirth unless we medically cannot do it. And, I plan to nurse. So, if you have referrals, book or video suggestions, and/or positive words of wisdom. Pass that information on too!

PS...A special shout-out to my out of town relatives and friends who are keeping track via this blog. I love you all and miss you bunches!!!


Anonymous said...

now are blogging about the baby... that means your are giving out info... not withholding it. so here's a suggestion... have a contest or poll as to who can pick out of 5 possible names... then reveal the one you picked.. gthat would be fun, ya know?

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey, you look so cute. My tip is to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. I read to each of my three kids while I was carrying them. I believe they really heard my voice. If you begin to have cramps in your legs, it helped me to sleep with pillows between my legs. I did not have the pulling situation in my lower back, legs and hips.

April and Aaron said...

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