Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Heartbeat

I've finally reach my second trimester. YEA!!!! Supposedly, everything is supposed to get better. I'm still waiting for the nausea to disappear magically and for me to have all of this energy!

On Tuesday, September 12th, Aaron had his first doctor's appointment with me. This was the big day we would be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. After we asked all of our random questions, the doctor went to work and found the heartbeat immediately. Can you say relieved?!?! Aaron on the other had was in complete shock. I could have thrown something in his mouth because it was opened so wide.

I told the doctor that my mother-in-law thought I could have twins. Mind you my tummy is a little pokey right now. The doctor went looking for another one but she kept finding mine! The doctor told us, "Strange things have happened but I think it's only one in there." That's when Aaron woke up from his daze with a smile. LOL!!! Hilarous! Obviously, he's happy about that!!!!

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