Saturday, October 11, 2008

Old Wives Tales - Is it a boy or girl?

Everything is progressing well. I heard the baby's heartbeat again. It's about 150 beats per minute. The doctor's guess is that it's a girl. Let me tell you...that's an oldwives tale. Oldwives tale #1...Girls have higher a heartbeat than boys.

I've gained a nice amount of weight according to the doctor. According to me, I'm going to be a blimp by month 9! My feeling is that this will be a big baby. Oldwives tale's a boy because my stomach is big and I'm only at 18 weeks.

Yes, my stomach is pretty round right now. Oldwives tale #3...girls carry high and boys carry low? Well...based off of what I've read, it really depends on your body type (muscle tone) and baby position.

It's funny to me how everyone wants to guess if it's going to be a boy or girl. AND, how the women say it's a girl and men say it's a boy. I think everyone is being sexist!!! Can we just ask for a healthy, happy, sleep through the night baby???

Ultrasound is scheduled for Oct 24th. Next belly bump picture and the first look of the little jelly belly!


Anonymous said...

Well I carried very high with my first (and it was a girl) and very low with my second and they tell me it is a buoy (but we'll find out for sure in the next few days. Also this baby is much bigger than my first. So maybe those old ladies knew something after all:)
Kim Davis

Anonymous said...

Congrats April and Aaron. I so happy for you and baby number 1. I have a March 10Th baby. April take good care of yourself and eat everything:)