Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ultrasound - October 24th

What an exciting afternoon! Well...outside the fact that they were running LATE. This is my first ultrasound. So, they tell you to drink 32 ounces of fluid prior to the appointment. My appointment was at 3:30. I didn't get in there until about 3:45. That 15 minutes of waiting seemed like an ETERNITY! I was ready to go in there, choke the patient who went in at 3:30, and throw her out (what crazy things a pregnant woman thinks about!!!).

The lady leaves and the technician finally comes to get me. She does her initial measurements. She realized that my bladder was very, very full and was sweetly apologetic. She did her thing quickly, so I can GO! I jumped up and ran to the first open door which was totally the wrong way. She's like, "No, No...the other way!" I busted through the door and made it safely to the bathroom. Whew! What a relief! Thankfully, I had already spotted the closest one when I first got there...just in case.
I get back into the room and the techician goes to checking out the baby. Aaron moves to get a better view of the monitor. As usual, the baby is rockin' and rollin'. Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed most of the movement in the afternoon and evening. I knew she'd be chasing this kid around to get good pictures! Aaron's asking me if I can feel the baby's movements. I could feel a few but not all of them. I could tell this was an experienced technician although she looked no older than 25 years old. That woman would chase, get the picture, do her measurements, go back to the chase, and explain everything all at the same time. She had a wonderful disposition and I could tell she liked what she did. She was just as excited to see certain things as we were!

Finally, she's trying to get the last profile picture she needed. Now....the baby doesn't want to move!!! Little stubborn thing. So...she starts to push on my stomach several times to try to get the baby to change positions. That didn't work. She had to settle for another shot that wasn't quite what she was aiming for, but I guess she was satisfied with it because she gave up.

It was quite an amazing experience to see personality already. Plus, I better understand all these little movements I feel and what the baby is doing since I've gotten the visual look. Earlier that day, I was feeling slight pelvic pressure especially when I had been sitting down at my desk for a while. Come to find out that the baby's head was snuggled up in my pelvis. It was REALLY buried in there! The technician said that probably didn't help my full bladder either. Also, the random pain on my right side...well somebody's feet is over there. Now, it all makes sense!!! LOL!

Here are the baby's stats. It weighs over 1lb. The baby definitely looks like a little peanut, so it has a new nickname "Peanut". The heart rate was at 160 which is very good. Everything seemed to be in the right places: strong heart, nice spinal cord, little legs, arms, fingers and toes. Based upon the size of the baby, I'm at 22 weeks with a due date of February 25th. Don't get too excited with an earlier date...this is just a estimate! Only God knows when the actual birth date. Everything looks all good in there so far.

Afterward, Aaron and I celebrated at Florian (our favorite Hyde Park pizza place...and my dad's favorite too!). Of course, I had to find an excuse to have PIZZA!


Denisha said...

I am so excited for you both. And yes, that baby has much personality! I wonder how much "peanut" is going to be like mommy! Opinionated and ready to stand alone if necessary! Look out, you have a little leader on your hands. What a blessing! Thank you both so much for sharing. For someone like me who has never been there. It's so exciting! I tune in like its my favorite show or something. Bless the entire Stewart family! And tell Peanut to keep on growing and giving you guys a run for your money! That's what kids do- and its a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

I agree with one who has never gotten to experience this first hand I feel like I have scored box seats! Thanks, April, for sharing so much of yourself with others.

We'll be back from Hong Kong soon!