Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Bump - 25 weeks

It's been a good week. I did not have to yell at anyone and the hormones are in check for now. I was that flu shot. Thankfully, that psycho mad woman has disappeared.

Nothing eventful has happened, but I have come to a realization. I have an adversion to people touching my stomach. I just do not like it. Most people do not think that you are touching ME not the baby. If you did not touch me there before I was pregnant, it's weird for you to touch me now. The bump is like a magnet. Many hands just want to grab hold and rub on it. Even if they have known me for a whole two seconds, a person may really want to touch it. Why can't people just ask first? Why walk up on me all fast and rub it before I can object? Why try to be sneaky like you're stealing a piece of candy from that rack near the register at the grocery store? Just ask. If I'm having a good day, you probably will be lucky. If it's a so-so day, I probably want to be left alone. Yes, I know. People are just excited and happy about the new life in there. All I ask is to respect my personal space.

Trust me. If something eventful is going on in there (and I think you could actually feel something), I'll grab your hand and take it to the exact spot! Believe me...I'll ask you first!!!

PS...It's pretty amazing that only my stomach is growing (so far!). I'll let you in on a secret if you don't already know. Pregnant women are already self-conscious. Please don't ask us to turn around to see how wide our booties have gotten! Best thing to do is...take a peak when we're not looking.


Anonymous said...

These blogs are fun to read. It is a wonderful way to capture every moment for eternity. You look so cute. You definitely have the pregnant glow. :) (I know another old wives tale).

Michele said...

Nice post.

Felicia Horton said...

I love your blog updates. I was cracking at this entry. I glad to know you're doing well in your pregnancy.


Denisha said...

Hey proud parents to be,

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