Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raging Hormones

BEWARE to everyone who comes in contact with me! The hormones are RAGING! So, you better be nice to me or the "not very nice" April will come out. I'm giving you a forwarning. If you have bad news for me you better wait to tell me until I give birth!

Here's my lovely update for this week. 1) My handy man is an idiot. He started off very well...on time and working a full day. Now, he's back to his TRIFLIN' ways. Should I take his equipment that he's left over at MY house and sell it off. I know the guys on 87th and the Dan Ryan would love to buy a used table saw or drill from me. This is the second project with this guy and I think he really likes putting Aaron and I out of our way to make our lives miserable while working with him. 2) Corporate America sucks. Everyone wants to have the power but no one wants to make the hard decisions. Can we say wishy washy? Plus, there should be a rule that no one person should have a major life issue EVERY WEEK!!! 3) Thank God for friends!!! They have been my voice of reason this week. Lord knows that I've wanted to choke more than one person over these last few days.

I just hope this baby is taking my rage well. I'm trying to keep it calm, but I think I need a massage or something soon!

A special shot out to my sorors HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY!!!! November 12th, 1922 EE-YO!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you have not heard of it, try Lillie Ann's Inc. They are located at 1260 W. Washington Blvd. Ste. 102. The number is 312-243-1940. The web site is My pregnant and/or parenting friends swear by this place.


Mary Williams said...

""not so good
April", I did not know such a peson exists. The handy man deserves everything he gets. Lord forgive me, I am a Christian and I should not be joining your raging hormones, but when it comes to contractors and handymen who act like this it can turn a good person around, thank God for His Mercy