Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks, Baby Shower News, and Random Thoughts

Giving Thanks:
First of all, I'd like to thank all of the ladies who gave me such wonderful registry advice and baby tips. Little Miss Anal Retentive (that's me!) now has a folder with all of the information you've given me. Secondly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The little peanut made me eat way too much, but it was so good going down! Lastly, thank goodness for friends! I appreciate you letting me vent, feeding me, or just calling/emailing to check in. Someone always pops up when you need them the most!

Baby Shower News:
I will be having a small, intimate gathering for my baby shower. The date has yet to be announced (even to me!). For those of you who are still interested in sending the Baby Jelly Belly "Peanut" Stewart a gift, I'm registered at Target and Babies R Us. A lot of items are duplicated at each store, so please, please make sure it's taken off the registry at point of purchase. For those of you who don't like registries or want to give us something we can REALLY, REALLY use, here are some tips in picking out items for the baby.

1) The baby will probably have sensitive skin. How do I know? I just remember the stories my parents told me about my skin issues as a baby. The odds that my baby will have the same problem is 50/50. Please only select Baby Aveeno or Cetaphil skin care products.

2) Clothing - no newborn sizes please. Start at size 0-3. My guess is that this baby will be 8-9lbs. Have you seen my last baby bump picture or seen me in person? Hey, I might be surprised. Even if the peanut comes out to be smaller than expected, the baby won't know any difference if the clothes are a little bigger for a second. By the way, don't get carried away on the clothing. I'd rather people focus on #3 and #4.

3) Books - My wonderful soror (Big Sister Tracie) gave me this idea. Infant and toddler books to start our baby's library is a great way to instill the love of reading. Yes, mom and dad will have to read them to Baby Peanut, but I love to read. Aaron...well, maybe this baby library will even broaden his horizons beyond Architecture and Business books!

4) Last resort gift option - DIAPERS AND WIPES!!! You can never, ever go wrong with diapers and wipes! Remember that sensitive skin with the wipes!!!!

If you want to treat mommy (that's me!) to something special, here are my personal requests...FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!! I know that Aaron and I will be adjusting to the changes of having a newborn. Cooking will not be first on my priority list and grocery shopping will be running out really quick to get the basics. Come over with a home cooked meal and we'll let you in the house to see the baby!

One of my other sorority sisters also suggested a spa gift certificate. She's right...I'll need it!

Random Thoughts:
-Why do they say you're pregnant for 9 months when 40 weeks adds up to 10 months? Let's get a little more accurate. It's 10 months!
-Why do people ask how much longer do you have left in the pregnancy and then comment on how big you are? It's just conversation but I know my tummy is very ROUND...especially with a coat on.
-People have stopped trying to touch my stomach. Thanks for spreading the word about my aversion. And guess what? I think the baby has an aversion too! Whenever the baby is moving all around and Aaron comes to touch, the little peanut stops moving. How ironic is that?
-The crib is set up and we're waiting on the mattress. If all else fails, the baby will at least have a place to sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Great suggestions April,
I have another....CASH to start him/her college fund. Cash always fits for a 529 plan, College Illinois plan or Bright Start savings. No joke. My daughter is 4 yrs old and I already wish I had opened a Coverdale acct. for higher education and it can be used for private schools K-12. Don't sleep on it and don't be shy. Even $10 from lots of friends and family would be a start. Much Sigma love, Soror S.H.E.