Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heart Burn vs. Acid Reflux

Which one is the least pain in the "you-know-where" heart burn or acid reflux? Heart burn feels like a large rock (or whatever you ate last) stuck in your chest that comes and goes. Acid reflux is like burning vomit shooting up in your esphogus. Both heart burn and acid reflux makes you feel like you should just vomit to make it all go away. Laying down makes both of them feel worse. Let me tell you...I've had both over the last month and I don't ever want to exerience either one ever again. If you have any REAL solutions that actually work especially for heart burn, please email me. I'll keep them in my back pocket just in case. Remember that I like natural solutions (no pills please).

Other thoughts....

The pressure is ON. My body is definitely readjusting and realigning for the big birth day. If you see me getting up and limping around, don't worry. I'm fine....really. It gets better as I continue to move.

My dear friends know that I'm pretty blunt. Please don't ever take offense. This blog was created for me to keep you updated (especially for those who I don't get a chance to speak to all the time). Tell you interesting facts. Receive feedback and comments from friends and family. Have a little fun. And, have something to show my child about mommy's pregnancy experience.

Top question of the week: "Do you have everything set up and ready to go for the baby?" No, I do not. For some strange reason, I don't feel in a rush. The baby's room is still a mini storage area of baby things. Nothing is put together except for the crib and my Craigslist bassinet and changing table. The baby has diapers and something to wear from the hospital but nothing is washed. I don't have everything that I need, but maybe one day soon I'll go out and pick up the items that I didn't put on the registry. We'll see how I feel once the snow melts down a little. The weather has put a damper on me getting out and about to do the last of the baby shopping that I plan to do.

A special shot out to my friends who I saw last weekend at my house....Thanks for hanging out with us. We had a good time with ya! Nik, tell Andre that he is the rib KING!!!!!

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