Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How am I feeling?

As I'm getting closer to my due date, everyone is asking how I'm feeling. I'm feeling good. Here are the basic highlights.

- Baby is moving around a lot and waking me up around 3am every morning doing push-ups.

- My commom symptoms: slightly swollen feet and hands but I can still wear my wedding rings on most days, no strong cravings, and occasional heart burn.

- No, I'm still not eating for two. First of all, I'm not that hungry. Secondly, stuffing yourself only makes the heart burn worse. Lastly, a 4-5 lb baby does not need that many extra calories.

So far, I've really enjoyed the staff at Mercy hospital. I've taken one class and a hospital tour. We begin taking our Childbirth classes this Saturday for the next 3 weeks. One thing that I've learned (listen up!!!) is that for regular deliveries there is a 24 hour stay and ceasarians have a 48 hour stay. This means by the time I spit out the baby it's time to go home! If you planning on seeing me and the peanut in the hospital, it probably won't happen unless you're quick. Even then, we prefer very limited visitation so we can get ourselves oriented with the new addition.

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Anonymous said...

so you're telling us that you won't be offended in the least if even your closest family members don't show up to the hospital?