Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interesting Question

There was an interesting question posted on my blog that I'd like to address. Would I be offended if close family did not show up at the hospital????

This is a loaded question. Honestly, no I would not be offended. Here's why...

There are family members and friends (who I consider my family) who have been very supportive and are VERY excited about this pregnancy that do not live down the street (some live 2-6 hours away, some live 12 or more hours away). I would never expect them to drop everything, drive a significant distance (possibly with litte sleep) to see me, Aaron, and the peanut in the hospital. My due date is still technically during the winter. We can have a snow storm when I deliver. Don't risk your safety to come to see the baby in the hospital before we check out. You could always come by the house. Trust me, we'll be there.

And let's get really real here...I know there are certain family members who will cancel everything for days when they find out that I'm in labor and will sit in the waiting room until they can see the little peanut live and in person....even if it takes 13 + hours!!! And that's OK too.

Lastly, I do not know what is going to happen after I deliver the little peanut. I might want to be left alone to enjoy my baby with my husband for awhile. I would expect close family to be main people who could understand that request. This is a big transition for new parents. Then again, we might want company. Who knows?

Here's a easy solution. Just tell me in advance that you want to be there at the hospital. After we call the Grandparents, I promise you'll be the next person that I'll have Aaron call to say, "Pull 'em up...the baby is COMING!!!!"

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