Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You

1st Big Thank You goes out to my oldest brother Rob, his wife Marla, and Marla's sister. Together they coordinated getting a big stash of baby goodies from Iowa to Chicago on Saturday. My brother is a truck driver and a road warrior. He's infamous for his day 13 hours to visit family and then turn around and go home the next day. So, his 5 hour drive was a piece of cake!!!! I now have a TON of clothes to get through the first 6 months, enough car seats for 3 people, a stoller, baby shoes, and other useful gear. I've sorted most of the boxes already. We are estatic! Smooches!

2nd Big Thank You goes out to my LV book club. Today we had a little brunch and they hooked me up with several things on my Exersaucer (very cool), drying rack, changing organizer, bath center, body suits, hats, receiving blankets, and bath cradle. It was very thoughtful and I love you girls for extending your generosity to Aaron and I. We opened up the presents together and checked everything out. Many hugs and thank you!!!

Apparently, Aaron is definitely ready to see this baby. Me on the other hand...I'm going to enjoy the next few weeks having peace and quiet!

Thank you all! God has continued to bless us through family and great friends!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you two. Any day now and him/her will be with us. Much love to you all.

Soror Sherry Hadley Evans (S.H.E.)