Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Shower

It was great to have everyone together yesterday for the baby shower. Thank you to my Dad and my step-mom, Audrey, to host and to put everything together. Thank you to my other little elves who helped (Jai, Gabby, Steven, Charisma...yeah, I saw you guys doing your own thing back there).

With Ms. Audrey in charge, I knew we were in for a treat, but I just didn't quite know how much. Just like with this entire pregnancy, I was just going with the flow of things. The food was good especially that turkey loaf. I need to know who bought it or made it. It was the bomb! I could of eaten that by itself (there are guests here...I kept telling myself). The layered toffee dessert was yummy. It reminded me and Jai of the "dirt" we had back in 8th grade, but BETTER! For a quick second I thought that I could snatch it off the buffet and hide it in the downstairs refrigerator but Audrey was a little too close and checking everything out. I don't think I could have gotten away with it. The drink that we had was cool...non-alcoholic bubbly with berries. Needless to say, the food was a pleasant surprise. It was different and good. It was all finger food that was easy to eat. Most importantly, NONE of it gave me acid reflux or heartburn! YEA!!!!!

My guests. What can I say about them? They gave out some good advice as they were feeding peanut's piggy bank. Whoever had that idea...that was clever. As I sat back and listened to what every one had to say, I realized why I liked everyone. We're birds of the same flock. We support each other, laugh together, and sometimes cry together. Before I get too sappy, here's what everyone had to say. Listen UP everyone!

1. Keep God first. If you don't already know, now you do! God brought us here and He knows when he's going to take us out. He gives us ALL things. I prayed for the peanut and now it's Aaron's and I responsibility to raise this kid HIS way.

2. Make the MARRIAGE the priority. Children love stability. If the parents are having issues, it reflects directly on the kids. I always remember how my parents behaved when I was growing up. They were on the same page all the time. And if they weren't, I never saw it. Well, it did help that my mom got pretty much everything she wanted! LOL! They would sneak off and do lunch together. They thought I didn't know, but I always asked if they brought me home a doggie bag of whatever they ate. As my dad says, "It's you and your spouse against the world." Even when your Dad wants you to start a 529 account for his grandchild and you and your hubby want to start a different type of fund for college, it's OK to ignore your Dad. He'll understand. Be on the same page as your spouse and you'll keep a happy home. (Dad, I'm sorry but I couldn't resist saying that one for you!!!! Smooches!)

3. Take care of ME. If mommy isn't happy, no one is happy. I promise I will still go get my hair done. I promise to go to the gym, to continue to eat healthy, and still have my own thing. It's my job to keep everyone else in line, how can I do that if I'm a WRECK!

4. Never be afraid to ask for help. My addition: Never be afraid to take the help if offered. Don't wait until all hell breaks loose. Nuff said!

5. Be a good parent. For some people, this can be stressful. I have friends who are teachers that have told some crazy stories. You look at the news and read the papers. I've seen very good and a few poor examples of parenting first hand. It can be depressing. But, there are some basic things that a child wants and needs: displine, support, and an involved parent. Go to their events. Follow up with teachers on progress of your child. Hang out and take them to places they have never been. One thing that I wish more parents would do is to really TALK to your children. Help them with making their own decisions.

I think I got most of it. For anyone that was there, if I forgot anything good, let me know. Of course the gifts, cards, and well wishes were all WONDERFUL. Most importantly were all the people there to support Aaron and I on this adventure called parenthood.

Kira, I'll continue to do this blog even after the baby is born. It's been a great way to keep my sanity throughout this journey. I'm sure I'll need it even more later! Gotta run...the peanut is beginning to do morning aerobics and I can't concentrate any longer. It's time for FOOD!

THANK YOU for the shower, gifts and well wishes!!!!!!! Love you bunches!

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Noelle said...

Hi April,

I just wanted to say "congratulations" and the best of luck...just a few more days to go! :-)Your baby blog puts a smile on my face everytime I read your postings. Thank you for including me. Nothing is more wonderful than that little baby inside you...ENJOY!! It can be a little overwhelming at first, but be sure to savor every minute. It goes by so fast! Hugs, Noelle