Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Countdown to Delivery!

There's roughly one (or more) weeks left to go! The baby is quite active. One day, Aaron was half sleep, half awake. My stomach was resting on his arm. All of a sudden, I guess the baby started moving. Aaron was like "wow". He looked over to me to see if I woke up. He KNEW I had to feel it. I was dead to the world!!! He couldn't believe I slept through all that action. Well, I guess either I am very used to it or very tired!

Now, since I'm pretty large (as you can tell by the photo), everyone has a comment to say as I walk past. Here's what NOT TO SAY to a pregnant woman when she's 9 months along:

1) When are you having that baby? Duh...How am I supposed to know?

2) When are you due? Haven't you already asked me like 12 hundred times already?

3) Looks like you're ready to pop! I know. I look in the mirror every day. You're not telling me anything new.

4) You're HUGE! It's ok when Aaron says it, but it's off limits to anyone else!

5) Have you had that baby yet?!?! You wouldn't be talking to me if I did.

6) Are you having any cravings? THAT question is getting REAL old.

7) Are you still here? Don't you see me here? Duh!

8) Are you sure you're not having twins? No, I'm just HUGE! (See #4)

9) Any day now? What if I still had 2 months to go? I don't know if that would be a good thing (see #4)

10) Are you uncomfortable? Why don't you strap a 50 lb ball to your stomach. Try doing all the things you normally do every day...put on socks, tie your shoes, squeeze into your car when someone has parked all up on you, and tell me how you feel. Then, you'll have a pretty good idea how it feels.

I think it's time for this baby to come out!!!!! LOL! Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you and Aaron, April! I'll stay tuned for photos of your peanut once he/she arrives. I'll be praying for a safe delivery for both you and baby and that you have an easy time adapting to it all.


~ Darvi

Denisha said...

Hey Ship, I love your 10 things not to say...You are beautiful. Motherhood fits you well. And orange has always been your color. I can't wait to see the little peanut. Happy family...how exciting.

Chris said...

I think you're handling it well, Sis. Be encouraged!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness aren't you wearing that shirt!!! I don't think I saw that on the list of what NOT to say LOL!!!
It certainly won't be long now. Get all the rest you can while you can.

Good luck