Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forgot Something Good

Oh boy...did I forget to tell everyone about my crazy co-workers!!!

Last Wednesday, I had my weekly doctor's appointment. I had put it on my calendar a couple days before. I notified my boss and assistants that I would be late coming into the office. The last time I only told my boss that I'd be late, he got caught up in meetings and didn't tell anyone until AFTER people started to worry that I went into labor. Well, I was at a sales rep's office having a meeting!!!

Anyway, my doctor was very late that day. She had overslept after being on-call the night before. She rushed back to the hospital to discharge a couple of patients before starting her day in the office. In the meantime, I'm texting my co-worker Erica giving her little updates on my torturous wait. By the time my doctor came into the room, I had been there for over 2 hours for a 10 minute appointment. I was so close to just going back home to go back to sleep. But, I was a trouper. I got some lunch to go and headed back to the office. On the way, I got caught in a traffic jam due to an accident on the Kennedy. Then, when I got to the office, I had an issue with my umbrella and then my seatbelt got caught in the door. ISSUES!!!!

All this time, my co-workers were planning a BABY SHOWER (even though I didn't want one at work)! Marcy (one of my assistants) used Erica (knowing that I text her all the time) to keep tabs on me. They thought for awhile that the joke would be on them because I was taking so long. Maybe the doctor was going to keep me there!!!! When I got into the door, Marcy comes over all serious because she has something to tell me. I feel for it! When we got to our cafeteria..."SURPRISE". Most of you know I'm the queen of "the look" I gave "the look". They got me!!! Little jokers. Oh well, it was VERY nice. Aaron and I got some really cute things and a generous gift card from the team (and who knows who else from around the floor). co-workers gets this weeks "shout out"....They are good people and they do look out for a sistah!

On a side note, baby update.....

My due date is Feb 25th. I have a doctor's appointment that day. If I do not go into labor before the doctor's appointment, the doctor will let me wait but only for a limited time frame (about a week or so afterward). So, I think I'll have the peanut no later than March 8th. We'll keep you posted!!!!

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