Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Update

Doctor's appointment went well, but she wanted me to go to the hospital for a non-stress test and ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid.

When I went to the hospital, there was no one there. I thought I'd be able to get in and out of there. Well, two other women came in doing the same thing. So, something I thought would take an hour max ended up being a 2 1/2 hour visit. Can you imagine that I was a hungry, grouchy pregnant woman by the time I left? If you ask Aaron, he probably would say that I was a MONSTER! LOL!

Anyway, the fetal heart rate and movement is great. The amniotic fluid levels were normal. So, I'm going to wait it out until March 9th. I will probably have to do a non-stress test again later in the week and another appointment. But...it's all good to know that the peanut is healthy and happy in there!

By the way, we DO know the sex of the baby!!!!


V. Edwards said...

Why can I picture the peanut in there kicking back with his feet on a little ottoman (or is that your bladder)??? LOL! Good luck and smooth sailing, so to speak.

V. Edwards said...

Correction, his or her little feet....I have no insight into peanut's sex.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess with you being past the due date, it's no hiding what peanut will be. Good luck darhlins!!! ps, not to scare you, but one of mine was 11 days past the due date and was 9lbs and 23.5 inches...I know what you're thinking, dang, he should have walked on out!!! LOL LOL LOL