Monday, March 2, 2009

Curious Mind Wants to Know?

NO BABY YET. When the baby comes, we'll let you know. We have a doctor's appointment today. Remember my original due date was March 9th. I'm sure I'll go most of the way.

Yes, I'm still working.

Yes, I still have a ton of general stuff to do before the baby is born. If the baby comes before I get everything done, it's not a big deal.

Yes, the bag is packed. No, it's not in the car.

No, I'm not doing any of those old-wives tales tricks to induce labor. No excessive walking (it hurts your back), no spicy foods (don't you remember my blogs about heartburn and acid reflux?), no castor oil, and trust me...the Chinese food thing doesn't work. In general, guess what? When it's time, it's time.

Phone calls are appreciated, but the news is still the same.

For those of you who are work associates, Janice will send out an announcement to everyone.

For family members, you know what to do. Just call my dad.

For book club members, I'll work through Cherya to break the news.

For friends, I'll text you.

Thanks for the well wishes, funny jokes, calls to check in, and messages. Everything is going well. I'm feeling good. The baby is moving around a lot. And we're ALL antipating the baby's arrival.

HONESTLY, I think the baby is waiting for the warm weather we'll get later this week.

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Denisha said...

Hey Shippie,

Did you guys find out what peanut is? I couldn't remember if you did or did not want to know. Hey, here's another wives tale for you...A night of passion induces labor as well. Now really, who has the time or energy? Not sure, but that's what they say! Love ya, D