Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Week at Home

Hello All -

The first week at home has been interesting. We're no longer worried about jaundice. Now, it's weight gain. He's on a strict eating schedule which consequently has helped his sleeping. So...guess what? I can now get at least an hour of sleep in! YEA!!!!
Pictures above are of Aaron's parents and my co-worker Erica. Aaron and I both took pictures with Aaron Jr so we can see who he really looks like at this stage. I think it's a toss up!!! LOL!
Seriously though, thank you to all you nursing moms who are helping me keep the hope alive. Special thanks to Cherya, Elizabeth, Kathy, Nicole, and I'm sure I'm missing someone else! We got a great prescription from my doctor to help increase the milk flow, so we can get AJ off of this formula. And, everything is gradually looking better (those of you who who I've chatted with in detail hopefully know what I'm talking about!).

I'd also like to thank my cousin Aletria for the stool. It's a nice surprise to still get things off of my registry!!!

One of these days, I'll get thank you/birth announcements out. But, I know all of you understand how hectic things can be with the first baby.

My new nickname for the Aaron Jr is Cutie Pa-tootie!!!!

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