Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a BOY!!!! Aaron Earnest Stewart Jr

It's a boy! Aaron Earnest Stewart Jr. was born on Saturday, March 7th at 10:37pm. He was 9lbs 1oz and 19-1/2".

The day before my doctor stripped my membranes hoping that I would go into labor before Monday. On Saturday at 8am, my water broke. At first, I was a little doubtful until more water came while I was folding towels in the laundry room. I told Aaron to wrap up his day because we're having a BABY! I called the doctor (who apparently did the same thing to another patient because she went into labor also!) and she told us to meet her there. took us 3 hours to get there. And once we got there, it was packed! Obviously, the rain that day (drastic change in barometric pressure) brought in women who were not scheduled to deliver. So, I spent roughly 4 hours in triage waiting for a room. It was inconvenient but it forced me to walk around and keep moving.

Once I finally get a room around 4pm, everything gets pretty hazy for me. I was 2.5-3cm dialated. My doctor was going to use Pitocin to speed things up. My contractions felt like they were closer together. I did NOT want Pitocin. I asked her to check. Surely enough...I had progressed to a whole 4!!! LOL! Seriously, that was enough for her to leave me alone.

She left to go take care of home stuff and said that she'd be back at MIDNIGHT! was about 6pm at that time (I think). She leaves. After awhile, I asked for drugs. It was getting to me. We really didn't want to go there, but the contractions were getting a little nerve wrecking. Aaron was OK with whatever I wanted. I ask the nurse about my options. The bottom line is that both options seemed like too much intervention and not enough flexibility. So, I opted to wait. I asked for a exercise didn't help. I asked to hop in the shower. I got in that tiny shower and 15-20 minutes later my stomach had dropped. The nurse hooked me back up to the monitors. She waiting for some contractions and suggested to the resident on duty. He checks me out and I was at 9 cms!!!! For those of you who do not know the magic number is 10!!! When he said that, I was in SHOCK! It's now about 8pm (part of the hazy portion in my brain).

Then everything is a blur. The nurse calls the doctor back to the hospital. The nurse and resident rush to get everything in the room in order. The doctor is there. She rushes to change her clothes and an hour later Aaron Jr is born!!! (If anyone wants gorey details, call me for a private conversation!!!)

Now, the BAD news...Aaron Jr. is still in the hospital (I'm with him of course). He has jaundice. A condition that is pretty common. Since Monday night, he's been under phototherapy. Since Thursday morning, he's stayed solely in the isolette under 2 lamps and one underneath. He's gone from a bilirubin of 14.7 up to the highest Thursday morning of 17 back down to 12.7 this Friday morning. We've done several different combos to get it down to this point and we're ESTATIC!!!!! We will all be home really soon. The doctor just left and it might be TODAY!

For those of you who sent flowers and cards, thank you! We've tried to intercept as much as possible since we're NOT at home.

Aaron Jr. is doing great otherwise. He's a cutie...Yes, I do think I'm VERY biased. Aaron Is amazed that he's a DADDY. I'm amazed with the process of LIFE that God has given us. It is truly a blessing that we should never take for granted. Aaron Jr has made me appreciate it even more.

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