Saturday, April 4, 2009

1 Month Old

Today AJ is one month old. How eventful this month has been!!!! We've gone through jaundice, weight loss, and breastfeeding woes (among other associate things). Despite the challenges, we've developed a whole new appreciation for parenthood. It's tough adjusting in the beginning but it's all worth the worry in raising a happy baby.

Here's the fun stuff. He's gazing at more objects now. He's sort of mimicking faces...especially the tongue sticking out one! I think that's his favorite. His personality is showing. He DOES NOT play when it comes to food. He's gaining weight and getting fat. He's now 10lbs 3oz. Thanks to the formula companies!!!! By the way...for all you ladies who helped me with my nursing troubles. THANK YOU!!! Unfortunately, I have given up the quest of doing it for a year. My SANITY is worth more than worrying about milk supply, being a walking zombie, and being a total p.i.t.a to my husband. We are ALL now much happier (and I'm back to my normal April) supporting Enfamil!!!!

Anyway...gotta run. It now takes at least 30 minutes to get out of the house with AJ. But, it's worth it because today I'm doing something for ME...getting the hair did!!!!

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