Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miracle of a Baby

Yes, it's been awhile since my last post. It's been a very busy month. Plus, getting back in full swing at work.
AJ is growing and getting big. Although he's not sleeping through the night, he's sleeping in his crib consistently. Thank goodness for that $20 mobile. It was a better investment than the Craigslist bassinet deal that he never slept in!
We dedicated Aaron Jr at our church on May 17th. It was a very special day for us adults. The baby slept through most of it. Typical AJ style!
The miracle of a baby is amazing. Yes, it's an experience to feel someone grow inside you. Even more touching is to see how a person reacts to a small, chubby cheeked, chocolate drop baby. Aaron has stopped the old man doing yard work, made a passerby at the farmers market stop in her tracks, and made his stone faced Granddad smile. I LOVE IT! It's been a long time since my side of the family had a little one around. It seems like yesterday of all the birthdays and Christmas's we've celebrated together as a family just because of them. Thanks to Aaron Jr...we'll get to start those all over again.
Milestones: He's talking's not real words. In AJ's mind, it is. Right now, as I'm trying to concentrate he's talking my ear off.
Until the next time!

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