Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

No one really told me how much time I WOULD NOT have during the week to do things for me. It's taken me 4 days to do this post. And, I'm doing it at work! My birthday was Sunday. I officially feel old. Thanks to AJ. I guess before the baby I felt timeless. AJ just reminds me how fast time flies when you're having fun!!! We had an interesting day for my b-day. Went out to breakfast. Looked at a couple of houses that were super expensive...we're dreaming of winning the lottery! Stopped to visit Mama and Daddy Palmer and Sister Mia. Cleaned a major blowout that got on the car seat (took about 15-20 minutes to figure out how to take the cover...because you just don't "wipe off" baby poop). Purchased kettle bells. Watched Aaron give this guy a personal training session at the store for free. Had an Oberweise Carmel shake with a cookie. Came home...EXHAUSTED!

Nevertheless, I had a great day. Everytime I look at my birthday picture I'm reminded how blessed I am to have TWO Aaron's in my life to keep me young and laughing!

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Soror S.H.E. said...

You look great "Mom" !! I think the two Aaron's are your youth elixir (smile) Happy Belated B-day and keep sharing the wonderful parenting moments. I enjoy hearing and especially seeing Aaron grow each week or so.

Take care and have a WONDERFUL day.
Soror Sherry Hadley Evans
(Yes, I'm still in Maywood)