Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Development!

Aaron Jr is getting big, smarter, and funnier by the day.

We went to Gymboree class last Friday. While the other babies were content laying on their back, AJ wanted to sit up. At one point, they gave us balls to practice depth perception. AJ wanted to grab the ball as it came toward him and eat it! He enjoyed the class but definitely was a little advanced for the activities.

AJ enjoys his exersaucer. If you don't know what an exersaucer is, it's like a walker but a baby cannot walk in it. The baby can jump and the seat goes in a 360 degree turn so he can play with all the toys on it. At first, AJ was only fascinated with primarily one toy on it. It was easy for him because it was low and it made sounds. Now, he can turn himself around completely and play with ALL the toys. Even the three toys that hang higher so he has to reach for them and pull them to make the sounds. He especially loves the doggie that vibrates. There is one toy he does forget's the school bus. But, I'm sure it's only a matter of time that he'll be playing with it too.

Yesterday was great fun for me. I've been trying to get him to hold his bottle. It's been an uphill battle. He's been doing alot of playing with the bottle but not holding it. I was tempted to buy these little handles for his bottle so he can have something to hold on to. Well, yesterday I was multitasking. I was eating dinner and giving him a bottle at the same time. I guess one point toward the end the multitasking was getting in the way. AJ grabs the bottle with both hands and shoves the bottle in his mouth. I guess all the exploration that he was doing built up his confidence to just go for it.
After I got the kick out of the bottle holding, I go to drink water from a cup I had on the table. He's reaching and reaching for it. So, I'm like "OK. You can have some. It's just water". Do you know he grabbed it and shoved that to his mouth too? He got too eager that I was afraid the cup was too big, so I had to use the little cap to his bottle and put water in it for him to drink out of it. Yes, it got messy. He's onesie was soaked once we got done. BUT, he got his water in for the day. Daddy told me when I got home that he's been working with him on the cup drinking. I guess his hard work paid off!!!!

So instead of buying the handles for the bottle...I'll be buying cups!!!!

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