Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ready for Scooting

New developments: It's amazing how things can happen overnight!

We were at Gymboree class a couple of weeks ago. AJ started clapping (being happy about something). A couple of the parents looked, said "Yea!", and started clapping also. He was stunned and stopped clapping. I cracked up because he was a little confused. Quickly he figured it out. Now, he knows when to clap. If he hears or sees someone clapping, he will clap also. Sometimes he does it just to do it.

Third tooth has popped out. I think it's time to give him finger foods. His aim into his mouth has become pretty accurate. Even the sippy cup, lands in his mouth. Well, when he decides he wants to hold it himself.

AJ is rocking back and forth...ALOT! Here's the situation: you put something he wants out of arm reach. He will rock back and forth to try to get it. Funny thing...he hasn't figured out that he has to use his feet to help him along. Grandma said he rocked back and forward so much yesterday that some of his lunch came up. LOL!

Tummy time is still a challenge. But, with a roll of paper towels and some support for his feet. He can push himself forward a few times BEFORE he does his classic roll over.

All this to say...mommy and daddy are going to be in big trouble soon. AJ is on his way to eating us out of house and home. And, he's weeks, maybe days, away from being mobile. I haven't put the baby gates up yet!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

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