Friday, October 23, 2009

Simple Things

Have you stopped lately to really enjoy the simple things in life? Well...we are learning to stop to smell the pee-pee. I mean roses.

In this picture, AJ had just used that spoon as a teething toy. Notice the drool on his shirt? Yeah, that's from that spoon he's holding. He was dry until he got a hold of it. He put his mouth on every inch of that spoon and would not let it go. He finally abandoned it after our little photo shoot.
Now, check out this look on his face. Can you image what got him so excited? A rattle! Not even a new rattle. The same rattle he's been playing with for MONTHS really tickled his funny bone today. We were trying to get a picture that was not a 'deer in the headlights' look. So, Aaron picked up the rattle. Who would have thought he would practically fall out with glee over it.? We used this rattle at least 5 times so I could get the timing right to capture this look on camera.
It doesn't stop there. AJ definitely likes commercial jingles on t.v. First it was the Dell computer commercial. The guys are singing as they are in the Dell factory. Every single time that commercial came on t.v. AJ would sit in a trance until it was over. Then, he'd continue doing whatever he was doing., it's not even a musical jingle!!! The new Kit Kat commercial will stop him in his tracks. They don't even SAY anything in the commercial. All they do is break the candy in the beat of the jingle. Aaron rewinded that commercial at least 20 times to see AJ have the same exact reaction over and over and over and over. If I never see that commercial again, trust me...I'd be OK with it.
We all had an enjoyable evening today!!!!

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