Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can I Crawl Yet?

No crawling yet...BUT...he's getting closer!

He can get on all fours. Do a little rocking. He can even move his arms in the motion to crawl. The legs just haven't figured out what to do to move forward. It just takes him futher backward.

Are you thinking in your head? Yea! Go AJ!!!! I'm sure you are. Me, on the otherhand, is silently screaming NOOOOO!!!!! I'm not ready yet! He's almost crawling and I have no gates up. I have 6 or so spindles missing from our front staircase that need to replaced. I have at least 3 outlets to cover. AND...his poor room is no where near being baby-proofed.

Where did the time fly? It seems like yesterday he was stuck in the hospital with jaundice. It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home and freaking out that we had a little person with us. It seems like yesterday his 3-6 month old clothes looked GIGANTIC on him. Now, he fits 12 month old clothing. He's eating baby puffs like they are the best food on the planet. He's trying to pull himself up and trying to stand. My baby is growing up!

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