Monday, November 23, 2009


We've been watching little Aaron move around the floor for a week or so. He's been doing this rotating shuffle scoot move to get around. On Saturday, I'm catching up on my DVR shows for the week. AJ is on the floor. Then, all of a sudden I see him do a slight crawl. He sits upright real quick and looks around. I'm thinking...did my eyes play tricks on me? In my head, I'm thinking...time to baby proof the house...FAST!

On Sunday, Aaron is on speakerphone talking to a potential client. While she's complaining about something and he's allowing her to vent, Aaron puts his cell phone (yes, the phone he's actually using) on the floor. AJ cannot resist the BLACKBERRY! He gets to crawling while Aaron is moving the phone away from him so he can keep crawling. We're trying to stay somewhat quiet while we're cracking up. AJ is very upset because he can't get to the phone. The client is oblivious!!!! She must have been really wrapped up in her dilemma.

Later that evening, my sister-in-law and niece stops over. My niece pulls out her camera to get a picture of AJ. He's mesmerized. When she sits it the camera on the floor, he's off to go get it! Hysterical! I guess he'll crawl for electronics!!!

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Sheila said...

Well AJ said, " I see all these other folks standing up on two legs , so... I think I'll join them." He's going to keep you on your toes now.
Aunt Sheila