Saturday, December 12, 2009

9 Months OLd

I've been trying to post this for days...finally have a moment to update everyone.

Seven teeth and counting...We're in the last stretch before the big 1 year mark. Here's the latest developments.

Crawling - AJ is crawling like a mad man. He will follow you out the room or venture out of the room by himself.
Standing/Walking - Everything he sees he wants to pull up on. He can officially cruise along the couch in order to get a toy or more importantly some electronic gadget like a blackberry or remote control. Every day he practices standing with no hands. He's very happy when he can last for more than a few seconds.
Foods he loves - Baby puffs, spaghetti, beans (yes, beans), or anything he can get his little fingers around and feed himself. He's becoming very independent. He's a old pro and getting food and his sippy cup into his mouth.
Let's see how this Christmas thing turns out. Grandma has already got her gifts for her house and mine out of the way. So, that saves me from having to buy anything. He should be set until his birthday!

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