Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Wish I had a camera today! Little Aaron is on a roll with his walking. Sometimes I compare him to a madman or drunken baby. This child will not stop. To take a nap is like being in a wrestling match. He'd much prefer to walk around. But, when he's sleepy he makes more tumbles.

To the point...we have been going to Gymboree every Sunday for the last month. He started several months ago and had to drop out. He is heavier than 99% of the kids there. Back then, there was a lot of work for the adult and with AJ you have to have muscles. Grandma was taking him and it was a little much...even I thought so when I had the opportunity to go. Well, he's still heavier than 99% of the kids, but there's a lot LESS activity for the adults.

There is a segment of the class when the teacher takes out this flat colorful, round parachute. By the way, this is when the adults do most of the work. We do bubbles for all the babies, they do a bouncy ride on our laps, they take a ride on top the parachute, they go under the parachute and chill out while the adults make the parachute go up and down, and then lastly the clown puppet comes out to play peek-a-boo. Today of all days...he was really into it. He got his own special bubble that landed on his nose. It was a big bubble. I don't know if he noticed it there but it lasted for at least a few of minutes before it popped. (Side note: Gymboree bubbles are the best! They don't pop easily and are non-toxic.) AJ got on top of the parachute and sat there for the entired ride when usually he cries to get off before we even start. Today he only cried a little because this little boy next to him was crying his head off. His daddy should have took him off. When it was time to get under it, he WALKED to the center, watched the parachut go up and down, and chilled happily. And, when that puppet came out, OH BOY! He walked right in front of the teacher, sat down, and cracked up every time she went "peek-a-boo"! CLASSIC! And I had NO CAMERA of any sort to record any of it. BUMMER!

But...hopefully, one day he reads this blog and think his mommy is crazy for being so excited that he enjoyed all of the class today. I think of it as a special Valentine's Day present to me! Well, Daddy was there too but he's a sicko and stayed away from us healthy people! LOL!

Now, after some drunken sleepy baby stumbles, a small wrestling match, and some quiet time...he's passed out in his crib. Sleeping so hard that drool is coming out of his mouth. How sweet!!!!


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