Monday, April 19, 2010

What's UP with AJ?

So many things so little time to tell them all.

After AJ's birthday, we've all been going through some changes. We found out he had a peanut allergy...the hard way. Try giving your child a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Just make sure you have an Epi pen and some benadryl first which I did NOT have. So, after a couple of bouts of throwing up and hives, I called 911. AJ and I had our first ambalance ride and ER visit. We spent the next 6 hours in ER to make sure he did not have any additional reactions. We all went home tired. The next day he looked and acted like nothing ever happened.

A week later...he had his first official cold. Before he'd just have a runny nose and 2 days later, he was fine. This time, he had a wet cough and back to the doctor's office we go! I know Advocate likes us. Within 2 weeks, we had his one year check up, a follow up to the peanut reaction, and a visit for his cough. Thank God for Grandma! She helped me out on visit number 3.

Now, it's all quiet in the Stewart household! Oh it's not. The new thing is OUTSIDE! AJ loves, loves, loves being outside. We knew this from last year. If you wanted him to calm down or take a nap, go outside. Now, that he knows how to walk, he loves to walk outside. Go to the park. Whatever you want to do outside, AJ is cool. Try to go inside the house. You'll get a monster. This young toddler knows what he wants and knows how to show it! Can we say fall out and cry and cry? Some people say he got it from his mama. Hmmmm...maybe.

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Soror S.H.E. said...

Oh, the joys of parenting. I really enjoy you sharing the Adventures of AJ. Going outside staying active is great. Then later in teen years he won't the issue of some many youth today with childhood obesity due to a sedatary lifestyle.
It might be time for a baby Big Wheel to hit the sidewalk this summer. ENJOY!!