Monday, May 10, 2010

First Haircut

Finally!!!! AJ got his haircut on Saturday. We went to Great Clips at University Village. Aaron and I wanted him to get a scissor cut because he has some wonderful curls. So, we didn't want to lose those with clippers.

We get there around 9:15am. And, there was a line. AJ was well feed and really relaxed. UNTIL....he got into that chair and got his cape put around his neck. Then, he fell out. I hopped in the chair and put him in my lap. We tried to bribe him with his little musical book....crackers...NOPE. He wasn't having any of it. The stylist walked away and got a lollipop. I unwrapped it, stuck it in his open mouth (because he was still crying and it was wide open), and PRESTO! The crying turned into sucking. He loved it! Thank goodness he doesn't get candy any other time or I don't think it would have been so effective. By the time his trim was finished, he finished the lollipop and was working on sucking the paper stick down to nothing. Needless to say, when I took the stick away, he started crying again.
His hair looks great. He definitely looks more and more like a little boy each day!

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