Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's been AWHILE!!!! PART 1

Just realizing that it's been 2 months since I've last posted anything. So, now I have to think of all the things that have happened.

My niece graduated from high school. Since she was in a program at Ball State, we had to do a ROAD TRIP! And, did we have an adventure. AJ took a nap BEFORE we left. So, I was worried that he was going to freak out during the ride. To break it up, we stopped for gas and McDonald's so he could walk around. He took nap #2 in the car and woke up a TERROR!
Thankfully, we were almost at the hotel. We went to dinner and I think the other guests were shocked that he was so well behaved. And, we were too. We go back to the hotel, meet up with the family, and try to wind down. AJ is playing with a fake plant in the room. All of a sudden, it falls over on him. Freak out #2 for the weekend.
We all go to sleep. I guess AJ was restless and trying sleep with a snoring daddy. I couldn't sleep at all. Eventually, I hear a big thud. Guess what happened? Yes, AJ fell out of the bed. Freak out #3. He was fine. And, he switched beds and slept peacefully with mommy.
Next day, we go to the graduation. They are playing the Pomp and Circumstance as the graduates walk in. Once gets into place, the audience erupts into applause. AJ didn't like that...Freak out #4.
So, I decided that I'd sit with him in the back so we can get up and walk in the lobby. Best thing ever! Until he had a poopy diaper...the bag was still down where everyone was sitting. At the time, there was some kids doing a hip hop dance. Obviously, AJ wanted to watch that over a diaper change. Freak out #5 and thankfully the LAST! Once graduation was over, the little guy was TIRED! He slept the entire way home!!!

Whoever made up the thing about the "terrible twos" lied.....

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