Thursday, July 8, 2010

Terrible Twos?

I love Google searches. I looked up "the terrible twos". They say it can happen at any point after the first birthday. That makes sense because my child is in this stage. The biggest clue we had that we were in this stage was the TANTRUMS! OH NO! The funny thing about AJ is that he can have a tantrum and still half play with a toy. Or, he'll just straight fall out backwards in full scream mode. Here are a couple of key triggers: any electronic device he cannot have (ie. cell phones, digital cameras, etc) and having to take a bath when he'd rather play with the computer mouse...actually anything that has do with a computer mouse.

Outside of that...AJ is a doll. He still sleeps through the night. He's a hearty eater. And, he laughs at the most simplistic things. He's truly a happy child. He loves balls, cars, and any toy that plays music. Baby's First TV can always catch his attention. He loves swings and water. Why does this sound like a profile????

One of his obsessions is his remote control car. We have two. The more complicated one to operate is dead. Mommy has not put new batteries in it. The easier and very noisey one is going dead quickly. Curious to know the reason why? Aaron Jr has learned how to turn things off and on. All his toys are officially in full control with his little fingers. The remote control car is turned on and LEFT ON! He can have that thing running all day. Well, yes, he does operated the car with the remote. It's a one button thing...super cute and super annoying when you're trying to watch something on tv and it's buzzing in the background. Aaron has hid it quickly a couple of times and AJ will look around for it! AJ might have a lot of the Stewart's physical traits. But, the love of cars is definitely a Williams thing!

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