Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello? Hello?

There are many things we are trying to teach AJ. How to climb up on the couch (his legs are still a little too short). How to dress or disrobe himself. He's always been facinated with telephones...especially cell phones. Over the last couple of months, he'd take a phone and hold it up to your ear so you can talk into it. If the phone would ring, he'd run over to grab it and give it to you. This weekend was super busy. On Saturday, AJ and I were all over the west suburbs visiting and going to a birthday party. When we got home, he got a hold of the phone and actually put it up to HIS OWN EAR! And proceeded to say, "Da!" He'd look around like he was listening to someone talk. On Sunday, AJ and I were out grocery shopping. He spotted his phone on the floor of my truck. And I got this picture!

He totally looks like his daddy. Aaron had the nerve to ask me where he got this behavior. Duh...YOU! LMAO!

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