Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Chocolate Chunk!

Well, little AJ is growing up and being a wonderful toddler. The last few months have been busy. Honestly, enjoying the summer. So, that's my excuse for not doing a posting sooner.

For those of you who have not seen Aaron recently, he is a pretty sturdy kid. Our latest doctor's visit reports him at 33 lbs and just slightly under 3 feet tall. This takes him over the 95th percentile! I'm wondering if his growth is genetic or all that non-organic milk is speeding everything up for him? I'm thinking...GENETIC.

The attached picture is Mr. AJ after eating a Gerber cookie. He enjoys those very much. He enjoys them so much that when I went out of town for work. He whined and whined for them one evening. Daddy thought he was just being cranky and pushing him into the kitchen for no reason. Well, little did Daddy know AJ had just did the same thing to me a few days prior AFTER I had given him one of those delicious baby cookies! When I heard what happened, I just laughed. This little boy has a good memory. He still reaches for a the car that usually sits on this shelf in the dining room. That car has not been on that shelf for months. He still reaches and says "car". LOL! I've hidden that car because it makes so much dang noise. AJ will let that thing run all day if you let him do it.

There are other foods that AJ graham crackers. Thanks to Granddad Williams. He started that one. AJ also loves ICE. We can thank Aaron Sr. for that one. Ice is an every day snack. If you have an ice maker built into your refrigerator, try holding the crushed ice button down and see what he does. He gets so excited and will worry you to death until you give him a piece. If there is something little Aaron DOES NOT want, trust me that he will make it obviously known that he will not eat it. AT ALL. No way. The kid will push your hand away with meaning. He will move his head and hold his mouth so firmly shut that you could not squeeze a morsel into it. His facial expressions are so funny. Hmmmm....I wonder where he got those from?!?!

His verbal skills are still developing. I guess that one negative of not having him in day care. There is no peer pressure to talk. He is beginning to consistently copy sounds and words. His recent discoveries are "star" and "moo cow". Every parent is concerned if their kid is not speaking in full sentences at the age of 2. AJ is communicating very well according to some developmental articles I've read. When I got back from being out of town, he talked my ear off for about a straight hour when I was trying to get him to take a nap. I had no clue as to what he was saying but he had a ball talking and hopping up and down on the bed. He made me so tired looking at him bounce for an hour AND trying to make sure he didn't fall and bust his head open.

One thing Aaron Jr. is not lacking is physical skills. He can kick a ball. He can almost catch one. He can get in and out of his little car. He can almost take off his shirt with no problem. Those darn sleeves are tough. He can turn on and off any electronic gadget, toy, interior car light, or to make this list shorter anything with a button or switch. He can take his crayons out the box, draw, and put them all back. The way he'll tell you that he even wants to color is that he'll try to take out his chair and table on his own. Or, he'll go to where I stashed his paper and reach for it...just like that dreaded car. I could go on and on about the little things that he does, but I'm afraid that I might have to write a book.

Little Aaron is a smart toddler. He's pretty laid back. You can make him laugh pretty easily. Blow or squirt water in his face. Turn on some music and ask him to dance. Or, when you're at a red light, turn around and make a face at him. He might try to ignore you at first, but you WILL get a big cheesy smile out of him. He's adorable and he knows it.

That's OK. Mom and Dad are fine with getting played every once in a while by a 18 month old...our little chocolate chunk!

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