Monday, January 17, 2011

It's a Baby!

After a year of ''trying", Aaron, Aaron Jr, and I are expecting a little peanut! I swear God is laughing at me. My dad reminded me that with AJ we were hoping that he'd be born in August. Since Aaron and I have birthdays in August, we thought it would be a cute little birthday gift. Instead, God had other plans. AJ has that 7 connection...our anniversary, my Dad's birthday, and my brother's birthday and the March thing with his uncle Shannon. Well....lo and behold, God didn't forget. Baby #2 is due on August 13th which is Aaron's birthday. Surprise, Surprise.

We are excited! Aaron and I both have friends who dreamed about this baby. They don't know each other. They both were very adamant and persistent about it. First, my girlfriend had a dream about it months earlier. So, when Aaron's friend called out of the blue, I took it seriously. It was just too strange and ironic. Later that week, I did test. It turned "pregnant" and I laughed. I left a note for Aaron in the bathroom with the test and giggled all the way to work. Right when you think God has forgot your requests, He reminds you that He hasn't.

It took a couple of hours for Aaron to call. He was in shock even though he was hoping for a positive test eventually. As he said, "You are always caught off guard even when you're expecting it." Well, he couldn't hold water. As soon as his mom came to pick up AJ, he told her the news. And, he says that I can't keep a secret. HA!

Now, we wait. Between 18-20 weeks, we get another ultrasound to find out the sex. Will we share the news? Maybe....Maybe not!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, congrats, and congrats again. So wonderful to hear the news. God bless your growing family. He did say be fruitful and multiply :-)

Soror Hadley-Evans