Friday, February 18, 2011

2nd Trimester

I'm officially in my 2nd trimester. It's the hump that most expecting mothers breathe a sigh of relief. The risk of miscarriage is reduced dramatically and hopefully those pesky 1st trimester symptoms finally make their exit. With AJ, I had sinus issues. With this peanut, it's sinus issues plus a cough. Super. But, if this is the only thing I have going on right now, I am truly happy. I have randomly felt the baby move already...just a reminder that the peanut is there. I am still working out with my personal trainer. She's kicking my butt and I still feel good. Hopefully, all of our hard work pays off AFTER I have the baby. Let the pounds melt away so I can get my new waredrobe!!!

AJ is doing great. He's really a comical, happy kid. I look at him every day and pray that he stays this way. Even when his little brother or sister comes into this world, I want him to still be his goofy self. My biggest fear is that he'll try to torture the poor little thing. AJ is pretty hefty at 39lbs and 37 inches tall. He's about 10lbs heavier than the average 2 year old and the same height as the average 3 year old. Luckily, he's not an aggressive toddler (yet) or maybe he understands his size. I don't know. Everyone thinks he's older by just looking at him, but then he opens his mouth and they understand that he's still just a baby! LOL!

A little side note: Every once in awhile I go into our living room and wonder why the couch is pushed back. I'd push it back into place. On a different day, I'd go in there again. The couch is pushed back. Once again, I would push it back and wonder why it keeps moving. Well, this morning, I found my culprit. AJ. He's watching a program on tv. He gets excited about something he sees on it. He runs towards the couch and throws himself on it laughing. Consequently, pushing the couch further and further backwards. AH HA...Busted.

Next bump picture!

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