Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alphebet Soup

Over the last couple of days, AJ has taken numbers of a puzzle from Grandma's house. The first day was the number 11. Today is was the number 20. Supposedly his favorite number today. I always try to put aside anything AJ has brought home so it can go back with Grandma the next morning. Well, I forgot about number 11. When picking AJ up, "Oh I wonder where it is? I'm sure it's in the house somewhere." Who knows where it could have been. Upon getting inside the house, AJ runs off and brings back the number 11 to go with his 20. I thought he forgot about the conversation...obviously not.

On the back of the numbers, there is a black circle which is meant for the puzzle to make sound. Apparently, he thought it was a magnet and tried to put it on the refrigerator. So, instead of him being disappointed, I brought out some magnetic letters that I've been stashing for awhile. AJ ditches his milk (which NEVER gets left behind) and the numbers. He is so involved in the letters on the refrigerator that he forgot about dinner, the milk, Aaron and I, and his music that had been playing in the background. After 45 minutes, I persuaded AJ to the dinner table. No one can EVER tell me this kid has an attention problem!

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