Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doctor Day

We had 3 doctor appointments today. I was honestly dreading it. AJ tends to NOT like offices. He woke up in a good mood, so I was hopeful.

First stop...hearing test. They flash lights and noises to test his reaction. Well, it scared the mess out of AJ. The assistant in the room asked me if he was tired or hungry. It was only 10am. No he's not hungry or tired...you SCARED him!!!! He cried on and off for the entire test. Nothing helped. Fortunately, they got enough information for the next step. The problem was that they had to put these earbuds in his ears. With lots of singing, clapping, and milk, they completed the rest of the tests. Drum roll please...there's nothing wrong with his hearing!

Second stop...post-op exam with the Urologist. There is a lot of entertainment in this office. AJ was totally in his element. Everything looks perfect and we no longer have to back! YIPPEE!

Last but not least...his 2 year exam. He does NOT like this office. He usually starts to cry as soon as we see the sign for the complex. This time...nothing. Not a whine, whimper, or protest. We go inside to check in. Quiet as a mouse. He goes to play with a toy...happy as a lark. We go back and see the nurse for height and weight. He finally sheds a few tears. With lots of love from the nurses, a couple of high fives and kisses on the cheek (that AJ gave the nurses), he was peaches and cream. By the time the doctor came in, AJ was laughing and having a ball.

What has happened to my kid? This is not the same child who fell out on the floor just a month ago. When they say stress impacts a kid, I guess they are right. Keep it calm, cool, and collected and they will do the same.

Until the next time!

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Soror S.H.E. said...

3 Dr's visit all on one day. Good scheduling and time management. But you didn't share the best part.
What are AJ's stats? Height and Weight, in the 90th percentile, etc. Tell us.....

I took my 7 yr old in for her annual check up and I always look forward to seeing how much she's grown over the past year. By the way, she 64 lbs. and 52 inches tall (4'4").