Thursday, March 31, 2011

News, News, and More News

It's been a very hectic March. Honestly, I am so glad April 1st is tomorrow. It's a brand new month. AJ will not be going to preschool until July. There are so many things that are factors from potty training to no one being ready. He's on priority if there is an opening prior to July, so we'll see. I've gone out of town three times this month. Yes, 3 times! Since I've started a new position at work, I wanted to get my travel out of the way before I got too big. I'm officially DONE until 2012. I had my ultrasound this past Monday. Unfortunately, there was some drama beforehand. Apparently, my work order was not transmitted properly to the hospital. My appointment was at 8am. The hospital could not do anything with out it. They paged the doctor. Of course, she didn't wasn't an emergency. They called the office. Since they don't open until 9am, the answering service picked up. For those of you who have had ultrasounds, you know that you have to go take the test with a FULL bladder. When the chick said I had to wait until 9am, I almost went ballistic. I took the keys from Aaron, went across the street, knocked on the door, and lo and behold someone was there! I explained the situation, the work order was written, and I went back to the hospital. The chick at the desk asked, "How'd you get that?" DUH! I went across the street dummy. LOL! But...guess what? I ended up waiting until after 9am anyway. I paced the hallway. The only way I was going to the bathroom was either on someone's feet behind that desk or AFTER I had the first part of my ultrasound done. So...did I make it? YES! I almost cried but I did it! The ultrasound tech was nice, patient, and soft spoken. Unfortunately, Aaron couldn't hear him! Oh well, he only wanted to know one thing anyway. Is it a BOY or GIRL?!?! Well, my mommy instinct said BOY. Aaron was trying to come to grips that it could be a girl. Friends and some family were hoping for a girl. Don't know why? Maybe just to buy pink clothing? Don't know. IT'S A BOY!!!! Time to bring out the baby gear. I'm so relieved that I'll be the Queen Bee in my household. The only hair I have to do is my own. AJ will have a little brother to wrestle with. AND....I don't have to be surrounded by PINK! And there's more...when I got back into town today, I had a message from my doctor. I knew something was wrong for her to call. Well, the ultrasound showed that I have a low lying placenta. A low lying placenta means that the placenta has attached lower than where it should be. Good news is that it is not as serious as a placenta previa. A placenta previa means that the placenta is covering the cervix to some degree. It could range from marginal to complete. With a low lying placenta, there is a very good chance that as the baby grows and my uterus expands that the placenta will move up. When it does, it's business as usual. If it doesn't, we'll have to see. It might mean an automatic c-section (which I don't want) or some necessary bed rest. As long as there is no bleeding, there is no worry. My doctor sounded confident from her voice message that everything would be fine. I will have to do another ultrasound in a few weeks to monitor progress. Otherwise, the baby looked good. And, I'm feeling fine with NO bleeding. Let's say a prayer for this placenta and a natural childbirth with no complications. AMEN!

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