Tuesday, April 12, 2011


First things first...I'm feeling overall pretty good. The low lying placenta issue is not causing me any known problems. There is no bleeding (thank God). My ultrasound is at the end of the month so I'll find out a) if the placenta moved into a better position and b) if this baby boy has shifted from his breech (feet downward) position.

There are a couple of myths out there that is bothering me a little. Second trimester is supposed to give you the best sleep. Yeah right! I'm off and on. Last night I slept like a baby. The night before was a restless mess. Tonight...I'm not even sleepy. What gives?!?! Lastly, no your hair doesn't necessarily grow FASTER. You don't shed as much hair and that's about it. Every person is different. But, I've noticed that "faster" thing does not apply to me.

My skin is itchy as all h-e-l-l. I thought maybe it was the winter or the soap I was using. Nope...I think my skin is overall drier and more sensitive than ever. I can be perfectly fine and then all of a sudden I have an itch attack.

The baby is moving pretty consistently now. Even though I'm not a first time mommy, it's still super weird to think you have a living little person inside swimming around and kicking in odd places. It is reassuring that he IS moving. Movement confirms that he's ok in there.

Lastly, I'm remember all the things that irked me when I was pregnant the first time. 1) Unwanted belly rubs. If I don't know you like that, don't touch me! HELLO! 2) If you see me pushing a stroller with a toddler and my very obvious belly bump, can you please open up the door for me? That would be nice. OR, if you see us walking down the sidewalk, move out the way. We need some room. 3) Don't make small talk if you don't have anything really constructive to say. For example, "Don't you want a girl?" NO...it's a BOY! I don't really have a choice in the matter, do I? And, I can't change the sex of the baby! Duh! Let it GO! Or..."YOU'RE HUGE!" How is that a nice, pleasant comment? I know I'm large. I have large babies. And, I'm a slim person. I don't know where you think this baby is going to sit but OUT! Plus, most women never want you to refer to their size, it's just not polite. Side tip: Please assume that I'm always tired, thirsty, or hungry. You will always stay on my good side if you offer me a seat, a snack, or something to drink.

As for Mr. AJ...he is such an amazing little person. He can literally spell his name with the magnetic letters on the refrigerator. Is that normal for a 2 year old? He loves letters and numbers. He can't say sentences like the books tell you he should at his age. But it's very obvious that he understands everything. He is copying sounds and letters and it's apparent that he has a love for learning. If you ask us, he's gifted. But what parent doesn't think their child isn't gifted?

He had his first Merry Go Round experience this past Sunday. We had an impromtu visit to the zoo. Once I paid for the tickets to take a ride, he was practically pushing me to get on. Not really knowing what it was all about, he was still anxious to get started. We put him on a moving horse. We kept it light and happy. He held on with both hands and his eyes were big circles. Once we got moving he let one hand go, we reminded him to hold on. He loved it so much that when we stopped. He cried. Aaron had to pry him away. I distracted him with a snack, got him in the stroller quickly, and rode off as fast as we could. One good thing about the zoo...every child had at least one melt down while we were there. It makes you feel "normal".

The one big question I've received about AJ is: Does he know about the baby? Well, in a toddler way, I think he does. I told a co-worker that small children have an innate feeling that pregnant women are special. They tend to stare or respond differently. It's like they are drawn to you. Well, even though AJ cannot express himself through words, he gives me signs that he might get this whole baby thing. He was climbing up the stairs by himself one day. I said, "AJ! You are such a big boy and so independent. You are going to be a big help when the baby comes." He comes to me, puts his head on my stomach, and smiles. Or, we ask him, "Where's the baby?" He comes and touches my stomach. I guess we'll see when the little peanut arrives...won't we?

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