Monday, May 9, 2011

Is No News Really Good News?

Apparently not. I went for my 3rd ultrasound on the 28th. The overall experience was better than the last time because my doctor's office mailed me a work order! We will not trust them to use the computer any longer. All the initial ultrasound screening was starting off too low. In my head, I already knew the answer to my looming question. Do I still have a low lying placenta? Well, I received my confirmation today at my doctor's office. The answer is YES. To add, on to it, Baby Boy is still breech. As my lovely, older brother said to me the other day. Do not speak negativity into existance. So, I will have a normal delivery. Placenta will move over the next few weeks as Baby Boy grows and he will flip into a head down position. PERIOD.

He is trending like his big brother. He is going to be a heavy weight. Like AJ, his ultrasound due date is a little over a week early...August 4th! Well, this doctor is sticking with my original due date of August 13th. He's going to be a 9 pounder. This is why he needs to flip!!! Flip Baby, FLIP!!!!

There are also some things I will miss about being pregnant. First, I will miss the movement. Baby Boy is quite active. It's a reminder that I'm the carrier of LIFE and God's gift. It also reminds me every day that he's doing good in there. Second, I will miss all those nice people who open the doors and ask me if I need some help or something to drink. I will miss the pregnant momma club where we compare notes on the latest and greatest baby gear or share some common experience. Third, I'll miss having an excuse to fulfill my food cravings of the moment. Lastly, I'll miss sharing Droid X notes with my Ob/Gyn every month (soon it will be every two weeks).

There are some things I really look forward to after Baby Boy. I want to get my pre-baby body back (PERMANENTLY). I want to be able to wash dishes without getting my stomach wet. I want to walk without a waddle. I want to be able to chase after AJ or pick him up without people looking at me strangely. I want to walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. Oh, I can go on and on...especially not having to hear the "You're so big" or "Oh my,when are you DUE!"

13 Weeks and Counting...and NO I'm not ready yet. Clothes have not been washed. Room has not been painted. Crib has not been assembled. I might have to take a couple of days off of work just to do baby preparation!

The World of AJ

Aaron Jr is one smart cookie. He knows that his baby brother is in my stomach. He's the master communicator without having to speak. I'm still having dreams that he's speaking to me in sentences all of a sudden. I'm holding my breath. I just hope he does it when we're at home and not while I'm driving. Almost every day I look at him and wonder where did the time go? He looks so much like a little boy now. He's almost out of his 3T clothing. Speaking of which I need to do a little 4T summer shopping!!! His big debut for Preschool is coming up in July and I need to prepare for the extra spills of juice or a random roll in the dirt.

I could tell a funny story or two, but it seems that every day is something different. One day he'll insist that he takes his toy vacuum to bed (and I have to sneak it out when he's asleep). You MUST make a tunnel with your leg so he can take his boat through it. Aaron takes out the video camera. AJ is facinated with looking at old videos of himself. When AJ is tired of eating something, he flicks it on the floor or does a long drawn out spit so it dribbles down his chin. His random bursts of laughter when you wonder "what's so funny." His obsession with the swing until Mommy wanders off to another playground item and then he realizes the wobbly bridge is better or the seesaw is so much more fun. The bright green stroller at Grandma's MUST transport him from the steps to Mommy's car. The BEST: when he looks at you and gives you a sweet kiss for no reason...priceless.

Just wait until Baby Boy comes...two chocolate covered juicy cheeked little boys to love!

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