Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Been AWHILE!

I've been so busy, tired, and just plain lazy to even post anything on this blog. So, here's what's going on.

Baby A news
My last ultrasound (hopefully) was last week. He has finally turned and no longer breech. Apparently, my body knew also because the bladder/pelvic pressure has increased also. My low lying placenta has corrected itself. The estimated size of baby A is 4lbs 9oz. My doctor claims from measuring the size of my stomach that this will be a 10lb baby. Ummmm....I hope NOT! She then took the estimated birth weight to 9lbs 15oz. I gave her "the look" and told her that she was not fooling anyone. Taking off 1oz is not making me feel any better. Baby A is moving and shaking, rattling and rolling all over the place. When this kid gets mobile, I think AJ is going to be the one in trouble!!!

Now, the big question is...are we READY? Well, the baby has a painted well plastered room that took way too long to complete. We had to practically hound the painter guy to finish up and get out of our house. The furniture that was sitting in the middle of the room has finally been moved to its final places. The baby crib and mattress is in the room but not assembled. Clothing has been washed. That's about it. If all goes well, the final touches can be completed over the next couple of weeks and we can just coast. Car seat needs to be disinfected. Where in the world are the bottles, pump, and other random new baby supplies? Who knows...maybe in that one box that's sitting on my bedroom floor? I'm still waiting for my glider/recliner chair (that feels so comfy) to be delivered. And everything else...well the kid won't need it right away so it'll give me something to find while I'm on Maternity leave! AJ...well...who knows if he's ready. We'll find out when we bring Baby A home. I'm sure he'll have a few meltdowns but he'll never know life without his baby brother eventually. Big Aaron and I...we know that the weeks are flying by quickly, but we're so busy with other things that I'm sure it'll creep on us. We'll be saying "Oh sh-t", rushing around trying to find someone to keep AJ, pack a bag, and running to the hospital!!!

AJ News
Big boy will be going to preschool on July 1st. I'm collecting money on who's going to have the bigger breakdown...AJ, Aaron, or myself! I'm betting on ME. Pregnancy hormones and a crying 2 year old is not a good combination for me right now. I'm contemplating just letting Aaron handle the first day and I'll save my breakdown for my poor co-workers. Just kidding...I will never let my babies go to their first day of school without me. I'll try to hold on until I walk out the door. Maybe I'll be ok by lunchtime.

Otherwise, nothing majorly new is going on with AJ. He's still a trip. He's going to speech therapy but he's really at a stand-still. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), he understands everything that you're saying. I just know something is going to come out of his mouth that I regret saying out loud. Every day, I stare at him waiting for him to say it.

Overall, he's a bundle of joy for everyone that encounters his wonderful personality (when it's radiant and shining). He loves to laugh and trick you. He's mastered jumping up onto the couch. He loves, loves, loves apple juice...just like his cousin Matthew did when he was little. He loves to take SHOWERS. Forget the bath. Just skip it all together. He's too grown for a silly bath. His favorite toy to sleep with is any truck, boat, car, or vehicle that will fit in with him and his favorite blanket that my Grandmother made him.

April Update
Let's get one really cares. It's all about the kids!!! They are much more cuddly and cute than me! But if you REALLY want to know, I'm doing fine. Still working out so maybe, just maybe I can drop most of this baby weight before I return to work, start running with my girl Margaux and Black Girls Run, get my new waredrobe, and beat the baby blues when Baby A is born. My job...well, it's a job. Nuff said.

Maybe one day I'll post a new baby bump picture (hopefully we can get one more in before he's born) and one of my last ultrasound pics. Growing life is pretty amazing. BUT...let me tell you...I'm ready to be DONE!!! Give me my body back. I am dying to be able to roll over on my stomach and have a strong alcoholic beverage.


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