Tuesday, June 28, 2011


AJ is a HOOT! Daddy takes him outside to water the grass. When I walk out, this is what I saw! AJ was going crazy.

Then, the fun had to end. AJ did NOT like that idea. Bad news. He was beside himself. So, daddy had to find a creative way to divert his attention.

We all went into the house. After taking off his clothes, Daddy made a game out of tossing AJ's wet shirt over his head. OMG! AJ was having just as much fun if not more than being sprayed by water! They made a slight water mess in the dining room. But, how can you made at that face full of JOY!

AJ did manage to get his pajamas on and barely sat still to eat dinner. I wanted to take a baby bump picture. AJ loves pictures and videos. He got a hold of my camera, sat on the couch, and scanned through all the pictures....several times. Honestly, it was the perfect way to get him to calm down for bed!

Eventually, I got my baby bump picture. When in the world did I get this BIG!!!!

Maybe my doctors are correct...this boy might be 10lbs! OMG!

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Soror Sherry Hadley Evans said...

Soror April and family,
I so enjoy hearing about the "shenaganians" at the Stewart household. I didn't realize you were only 6 wks or less, from delivery. Seems like that time flew buy. I guess we relished your pregnancy with AJ more.

Thanks for sharing and don't worry about the 1st day of school. Nevaeh was 3 yrs old (summer of 2007) when she went to the "big school" after Granny Evans potty trained her and she hasn't looked back since. We actually took her to visit the place 2x before her first day, so it wouldn't be a strange new place to her.

Have a wonderful day !! and happy waves to Aaron 1 and 2.