Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day of Preschool

The plan was to not make the first day too emotional. So, the pregnant momma went to work. That left Daddy by himself to go through the drudge of the morning prep. He talked about how he was going to school today and how much fun he was going to have. Aaron and AJ make it to school. Daddy labels all of AJ's things. He moves to the Director's office to complete paperwork on the epi pen for AJ's peanut allergy. AJ was good to go even though he was hesitant to move to far from the classroom door. Well, all that soon changed....

As Aaron moved out of the Director's office, AJ was keeping a close eye on him. Aaron saw that AJ noticed him in the corner of his eye. Daddy quickly moved to hide behind a door. He weighed his options..."Do I say good bye and possibly make the departurre worse?" OR "Do I leave before AJ bolts for the door?" Which one did he chose? Option 2...he BOLTED!!! Not too say it was ideal, but it's hard being a parent. When you know your child is going to miss you, it's not the easiest process to walk away with a lot of crying and tears. It broke Daddy's heart to bolt but I'm proud of him. He did better than I would have.

At 2:20pm, I call the school. My curiosity killed me. How did he do? Did he go down for his nap? All those mommy questions. The person who picked up the phone was the Director. He said there were 4 children who cried for all about 5 minutes. They rotated the kids around to walk them around and calm them down. He said by the time prayer and praise was over the kids were adjusted and enjoying their day. Nap time was a process of course. Some kids had to be rocked, but they all had fallen asleep for their nap. WHEW!

My job is to pick little Aaron up. I arrive around 5:45pm because of dreaded Kennedy traffic. I walk in and look for AJ. He's walking around exploring and checking things out. He sees me and can't decide if he should laugh because I came to get him or cry because he did not want to go home. I stall a little bit. A child shows me a toy. AJ shows me a bus that Aaron's mom has at her house. I go get some paper work. I ask the teacher how his day was. She took some great pictures of AJ. She said he was quiet and only had a small breakdown outside. Overall, nothing major. He seemed like he was getting used to everything and everyone. I finally got him out the door and that's when the fun started.

He had a meltdown as soon as he realized we were NOT going to the park and going home instead. It took BabyTV on Dish Network to soothe his spirit. We got upstairs and he did not fight taking a shower to get all the paint from school off. BUT...when he wanted bubbles and I wanted to stop. Major MELTDOWN! It was terrible. Eventually, with some extra juice (he will definitely pee through all his clothes and bedding tonight), several books, and some cuddling he was good enough to get into his crib and attempt to go to sleep. He babbled his way to dreamland...

Overall, I guess today was what I expected. AJ would do well. Aaron had a rough time. And, I got the tail end of the drama. Tomorrow I hope will be better. Aaron will say good bye to AJ before he leaves and tell him that we'll get him later. I will NOT bring out the bubbles and his bedtime transition will go smoother.

Until then, may sweet chocolate AJ will have peaceful dreams and have a fun, exciting day tomorrow at his new school.

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