Monday, August 1, 2011

Countdown to Baby Boy #2

I'm driving into work today reflecting on pregnancy, the second time around. Of course, I never really had any expectations of how it "should" be, but I never really expected some things.

Complications - With AJ, the entire pregnancy was uneventful. The only shocking part was the 60lb weight gain. So, I vowed I would continue to workout with baby #2. I officially stopped about a week or so ago when my feet prevented me from getting into my gym shoes. I will only be up about 40lbs or so with baby boy #2. But, there has been other issues like the low lying placenta, breech position, and now I have group B strep. For those who don't know what it's a condition which is common in adults. There is no known cause for the colonization of the bacteria and it can come and go. The problem is the affect on newborns. So, when I go into labor, I will have to have penicillin administered to protect baby boy. They will monitor him and if necessary give him antibiotics also.

Moodiness - I think I'm just more tired. There's no time for ME until I lie my head down to try to get some sleep. Being a full time employee, wife, and mother has been a struggle to juggle everyone and everything. So guess what? I don't. If I don't feel like washing clothes, I don't. If I don't feel like cooking, I don't. If i don't feel like working on that one project, I don't. EASY. And, guess what? It works. I saves me from being a straight pain-in-the-rear all the time...just some of the time!

The Strong Feeling of NO MORE KIDS! - Now, I understand the passion women have when they express they are done with bearing children. I TOTALLY GET IT. I really do think that most people (ok just men) think that being pregnant is easy. Add a toddler who still needs you or wants to be picked up when you are feeling like garbage yourself. Don't get me's a very special situation to be the giver of life. It's a blessing and a gift. You have to be a strong woman to keep things moving even when you want to crash on the sofa or hide in the closet for a day or two. I have given women credit over the past month or so who have more than 2 kids and they are all close in age. I don't know how they did it, but through the grace of God. If you ever hear that I'm pregnant again, it's by a pure MIRACLE (like Mary and Joseph) that it happened.

There is one thing that I'll miss about being pregnant. I will miss having him in my tummy all the time feeling him poke, rumble, and tumble around. It's nice knowing he's protected inside with all of his needs automatically provided. Very soon...I'll have to DO everything for him. There are so many things that I won't miss: the comments, the physical discomfort and restrictions, and the lack of motivation to do anything outside of the normal daily activities.

Mentally, I think I'm more prepared for obstacles than with AJ. I have my formula back up ready. I have my single stroller with my car seat adapter ready to get out and about during the week with baby boy #2 and my double stroller for the weekends with both of the boys. I have my mommy helpers on alert. Anyone who wants to come over to entertain a child is welcome at any time of day, on any day of the week. I know I will need lots of air and sun to keep me sane. I know I will be sleep deprived and will be ok getting a nice cup of coffee once a day.

Recently, I sent an email to a colleague of mine who recently had a baby herself. I gave her a list of all the things I look forward to. I thought I would share...

  • an alcoholic beverage

  • being able to do anything without having my belly sitting on my lap or being in the way

  • no more comments about how big I am, how the heat must be terrible, when I am due, what I'm having, am I going to have the baby any day now, etc.

  • rolling over on my stomach or just being able to roll over

  • not having heartburn from drinking WATER

  • a strong, very caffeinated coffee when you just can't keep your eyes open any longer but need to stay awake

  • sushi and not worried about what's in it that I can't eat

  • being able to move faster than a snail's crawl

The countdown is ON. Yes, any day now. Hopefully, we have no more than 12 days to go. Baby boy's name is still a surprise. It has meaning and we made sure that he will feel just as connected to the family as little Aaron Jr. He will definitely make our A Team complete!


Tess said...

Looking forward to meeting numero dos!

Soror Sherry Hadley Evans said...

Hello April,

I just have to say "I love you and your family" I've never met Aaron 1 or Aaron 2, but feel a sense of connection to your lovely family through your posts.

Thanks so much for sharing. And its clear you are "closing up shop" so I won't ask about you trying again for a little girl in 3 years. I'm sure you've thought about how much you care for your older brothers and couldn't imagine how your life would be if you didn't have them to give guy advice and insight over the years. Never mind the "big brother eye" they gave to potential male suitors and all........You've considered how your daughter might have similar experiences with her two older brothers.

NO PRESSURE, don't try for a girl. Never mind that you won't have a daughter with beautiful thick hair to comb like your's or a potential Rhoer or Sigma Soror. Really no pressure :-)

Enjoy your 3 A's and always being the only lady in the house.

Truly God bless you and happy, safe delivery any day now.