Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Aric!

Whoever looks at my Facebook page may have wondered about a post I had on Monday. It stated "Life always takes you for a spin when you least expect it. Hold on for the ride." It was around 8pm when I found out that Aaron's parents had to rush to Tennesse to see about his Grandmother. My solid plan of where AJ would stay if I went into labor just left Chi-town and quickly down the drain. The same day my dad and step-mom was flying back from San Francisco. I called the house and put my step-mother on stand-by. My bag I packed for AJ might go unused and an extended stay at the hospital would definitely cause some problems. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about the unexpected. Oddly enough, I predicted ALOT of what is to come. Never underestimate a mother's intuition.

Later that night...I started to have contractions. They were 15 minutes apart and uncomfortable. No problem. I go to bed. 1am - I wake up suddenly with a feeling of having to throw up but sort of like heart burn. I prop myself up on pillows. I go back to sleep.

7am - Tuesday

I wake up to get breakfast and go back to bed before AJ wakes up. Aaron has his daddy schedule in the morning to get AJ off to school. Who wants to interrupt that? I eat my cereal and banana. Between 8am-8:45am, I start having contractions. Around 8:30am, I notice this glob of mucus. What the heck? I think I'm going to have this baby today. I Google "Mucus Plug"...of course it could mean you're pregnant for another week or you can go into labor instantly. These pregnancy sites can be really vague. I guess no one wants a lawsuit. I wait for Aaron to leave the house. AJ must get to school.

9am - I call Aaron and tell him to reschedule is appointments for the day. I call the doctor's office. I had a 11:15am appointment. They told me to come in and the doctor will be there at 10am. Great! That gives us some time.

9:20am - Where is Aaron? I call him. He sounds like he's at his office.

"Where are you?" I ask.

"Don't worry. I'm not on the west side. I'm close. If the doctor tells you to go to the hospital, I'll meet you there."

"You want me to drive while having these contractions?"

"Huh? I thought you were having baby contractions."

"Yeah, I'm having your baby contractions. You better come home now." And I hang up!

While Aaron is headed back, I do my typical rush. Pack last minute items for myself. Wash dishes. Fold left over clothes. Put bags at door.

Some time after 10am - We're on our way to the doctor's office. We do the normal check in and wonder why is the doctor taking so long to see me. Aaron inquires. She comes in around 11:20am. She feels my stomach. "You're contracting." I respond, "Um...yeah, I can tell." She checks me out and I'm at 5cm. WOW! Off we go to the hospital.

12 noon - Get checked in and into a room. Lucky me...I skipped Triage all together. By 1pm, I'm getting my penicillin drip for Group B Strep. And here's where it starts to get interesting. I thought I'd be mobile. I can walk around and possibly eat. NOPE! Unless I had to go to the bathroom, I had to stay in the bed. For someone who does not want to have an epidural, this is not good. With AJ, I was able to walk and get into the shower. I also needed 2 rounds of penicillin 4 hours apart. The next dose was at 5pm. What if I never make it? They were not going to break my water or do anything to make me deliver before then. Oh boy! At that point, I said, "This baby is coming at 6:01." Second dose at 5 and it takes 30 minutes to run through...sounded logical to me. So, we wait. Aaron does some work on his laptop. I do some texting. Call the preschool to make arrangements for my Dad to pick up AJ. Call my Dad to come to the hospital and get keys.

Then, it gets hazy. My Dad arrives around 3-3:30pm? By that time, the pain was getting intolerable. I was ok in the beginning of his visit, but by the time he left I was like "OK Dad...don't touch me and you've got to go!" They check me and I'm at 7.5 cm. The doctor wanted to give me Pitocin. He said my contractions were not regular and they did not want me to stall out. They wanted to give me a low dose. I asked, "Is it going to make these contractions worse?" No drugs plus Pitocin equals CRAZY!!! They roughly said, "If it does we can talk about pain management." ARGH!

Aaron kicks into coach gear. These contractions were not easy, but laying on my side I got through them. I told Aaron that I really wanted to poop. The nurse of course is listening to my crazy poop conversation. Now, thinking back this is probably a good sign that this baby is coming soon. They rushed my second dose of penicillin up to choice at this point. Then, the contractions got better. I knew the transition stage was over. I told Aaron this baby is coming now and I'm still talking poop talk. The nurse wants to check it out. It was my bag of water bulging!!! The chaos starts. Why do I always get this type of reaction when I'm delivering babies? Nurses, doctors, everyone are moving at this point. Sometime after 5pm (I really don't know), they break my water. In the middle of everything, I said, "I'm kissing everyone in this room once this over."

Aric Earnest Stewart is born at 5:53pm. And everyone in the room gets a KISS!

Random Facts:

Aric means "eternal ruler"

Earnest is Aaron's middle name (all three are connected with the same name)

Aaron means "mountain of strength"

All my boys have the same initials A.E.S.

All my boys have powerful names.

Aric's birthday is between mine 8/2 and Aaron's 8/13

Aaron Jr and Aric's birthdays have acsending numbers 3-7-9 and 8-9-11 (Aaron pointed out his does's just a larger jump at the end but I won't reveal his age here.

Aaron Jr's birthday is in the same month of his uncle Shannon and shares a 7 connection with my Dad and brother Rob.

All this to say...Aric has made our family complete. God has blessed us with healthy and happy children.

What else could a Mommy ask for?

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