Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mommy Reflection

Giving birth is like a raging storm. At first, it's all peaceful and calm. The clouds come in. You might have wind, intermittent lightening, and thunder. The storm comes in full can have hail, tornados, floods, and fallen trees. When the storm passes, you get a rainbow. The grass and flowers are watered by God. Life continues on.

My little storms are rainbows and contribution to life. So precious...but time moves so quickly. We try to capture their movements amd sweet voices on video. We snap pictures to time stamp the moments of their growth.

We look at AJ and see this little boy now. Where did the baby go? Didn't he just learn how to roll over yesterday? My 9lb 1oz little baby can take you out if he wanted to. It's been about 6 or 7 weeks being at preschool. He's talking more and can say things like green car, stop, and night-night. He can imitate what you say which he wasn't doing consistently 2 months ago. Aaron tested him by counting to twently. Amazingly, he did very well even once he got into the teens. He can leave me without shedding a tear while waving good-bye. He's more adventerous but still cautious around moving vehicles. Thank goodness he jumps back and will hold on to you for dear life. He is as big as the average 3 or 4 year old with a juicy face and smooth deep chocolate skin. I want to eat him up!

Aric is my little sweet and small. He loves to eat. Fortunately, he's a very good sleeper. Last night, he gave me 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Now, the books will say "Don't let them sleep for more than 4 hours". LOL! Yeah, ok...when you're exhausted, let them sleep. Especially, when they are cluster feeding on YOU all day. An extra hour can't be that bad. I can't believe Aric will almost be two weeks old! With all the eating he's done the last couple of days, I would not be surprised if he's 8lbs at our doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I don't think he'll be as dark as AJ caramel cocoa color. He has that sweet baby smell that I wish I could put in a bottle. His fingers and toes are long. Aaron says they are grown man hands.

As for me, I'm doing great. My stomach is slowly going down. I still look pregnant. I'd say maybe 4 months? But who cares? I have my little bundle of joy as a trophey. When we go out, no one even looks at me anyway. It's all about the BABY! LOL! My stitches have dissolved I think. I'm juggling things pretty well. Aaron Sr. has been a super help. He's doing double AJ duty in the morning and at night. Then, he'll go to the gym after he puts AJ down. You do what you have to do.

Overall, the transition is good. AJ definitely loves his baby brother. He rocked him in his car seat last night while I got dinner ready. He will put his head next to his and smile at him. He has not tried to hit him, bite him, or take his pacifier. Mommy and daddy are both doing things to take care of ourselves FIRST by exercising, eating right, and trying to get as much sleep possible.

Here's some funny comments I received this week. And, I thought they would stop once I gave birth!!!

We walk to Treasure Island. It's probaby a mile walk round trip. The cashier in the 10 items or less lane let's me jump in front of the old lady that obviously has more than 10 items. I only had 2. The bagger asks, "Is this your baby?" Oh, I soooo wanted to say..."Nope, I stole him. Isn't he cute?" To her defense, there are a lot of nannies in Hyde Park. So, it wasn't really a dumb question. But of course, she wasn't looking at my gut...all eyes were on my kid!!!

Earlier in the week, we go to Target. As we're rolling in, a lady looks at the infant carrier. She says, "Oh, how old is the baby a couple of weeks?" I say, "Just a week old." She says, "Aren't you afraid of being out with him." I say, "No. Just as long no one breathes over him I'm fine" Hint-Hint lady. As she keeps her distance, she says, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Same Target trip. A girl, who could not have been a day over 20, was in the elevator with a 4 or 5 year old. She looks at my cart that has Pull Ups and says, "I'm so glad I'm done with those days." I look at her and smile. This was a perfect test of my hormone levels. They must obviously be going back to normal. I had no snappy comment for her. I'm SURE she's not done having children first of all. Secondly, don't you see I have an infant carrier? I'm far away from being done with Pull Ups!!! Thanks girlfriend!

I've come to the conclusion that I must have something on my forehead that says..."say SOMETHING to me!" Maybe it's the hair...

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