Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving On

One thing about being a mom is understanding your limitations. When you're a first time mom, you try to do everything by the book. The second don't even look at the book. I think I've actually said "screw the book" (well, maybe not that nicely).

The biggest challenge for me has always been breastfeeding. The first go round (with AJ) I spoke to the lactation consultant numerous times, pumped, and spoke to my mommy friends. I stressed out to make sure it was working. In the end, AJ was just always hungry. One of my best girlfriends politely told me to let it go, walk in the Target (I was sitting outside of), and buy the formula. And I did. Ultimately, she was right...a happy mommy is a happy baby. AJ was full and happy. I was happy.

This time is a different story. I caught sales, coupons, and deals to stock up on formula. Yes, I would give it the old college try, but I will not stress out about it. Well, guess what happened over the last few days. Mr. Aric is the same as his brother. GREEDY. Today was the icing on the cake. I knew history was repeating itself when I start to breastfeed him at 6:20pm and by 8pm he's still hungry? WTF! How will I juggle a newborn who eats every two hours for an hour and an active toddler? It would be very, very tricky. I immediately gave Aric a 2oz bottle of ready to serve from my free-hospital stash and he drank the ENTIRE THING! Afterward, he was alert and content. He even gave me the poop I've been waiting for since Tuesday. At 9:15pm, he graciously passed out. You would think he would be finished for awhile? Nope. At 10:30pm, he's gnawing at his little fist. This time I gave him two ounces of my favorite powder formula cold. He sucked it down in about 2 minutes and went to sleep.

Happy Baby, Happy Mommy!!!!

Funny story for the day...
As I've mentioned before, I have a sign on my forehead that says "Speak to me". This past Friday was AJs last day of school. He has a two week break. Daddy left his blanket and random things that we could use during this time. Today, Aric and I venture to the school. They keep several kids for parents during this timeframe, so staff was there.

One of the ladies looks at me and says, "You know you shouldn't be carrying that baby in the carseat. Didn't your doctor tell you that you cannot carry anything heavier than your baby?"

I say, "Actually, she didn't."

She says, "Yeah, I had a hernia repair and my stomach hasn't gone back."

Did I mention that she's had 6 kids? And, she's not the skinnest woman in the bunch?

I say, "Oh really."

After she quizzes me about my childbirth experience and shares too much of hers. Finally, she says, "Yeah, be careful with stairs too."

I've really blown it with her rules. I'm glad I didn't tell her that I did a 1 mile hike just the other day! I would have REALLY been scolded!

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