Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Intro to Mommyhood Plus 2

AJ goes back to school tomorrow. YIPPEE! He is at the verge of a language burst and he's at his maximum frustration point. I am very patient with him. We work on single words starting with consonants that are difficult for him and two word sentences. But when he cannot communicate his wishes and demands, watch out AJ "smackdown"! Momma needs some help!!! The combination of preschool and speech therapy has been so beneficial for him. I'm happy to send him off in the morning.

He's overall such a good little boy. He's been so loving to his little brother. He understands that he needs to be gentle (even though he needs to be reminded sometimes). I do not fear that he'll pounce on his head if I leave the baby somewhere within his reach. I ask him to help with everything: throwing items in the garbage, putting items in the sink, or retrieving an item. I never exclude him. On occasion he breaks down because he really wants me for something but I'm tending to the baby. Whenever I can put him first, I do and the baby will have to cry it out for awhile. I am thankful the children will not be traumatized during this transition. I guess why most of us do not remember much before the age of 5!


MJ said...

It sounds like AJ is adjusting relatively well. It's funny to think of him in school though. I remember when he was in Aric's position. Time sure does fly!

Margaux said...

AJ will be gabbing your ear off in no time.