Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Potty Time

We have been trying to get AJ on the potty since he turned 2.  We've tried both the seat and the piece for the toilet.  AJ was not having it.  Even though the removable seat had a car on it, you can NOT fool that kid.  He would push the button to make the car sound and that's it.  Every so often I would ask him if he wanted to sit on the potty, he would shake his head no.  I found another way to get him on the potty.  Sit on the potty while brushing your teeth.  Oh, that was a novel idea.  He did it, but refused to pull down his pants.  He would do it ONCE!  Well...over the last couple of days...drum roll please....


OK...it was after the point where he already pooped and the pee-pee did not come out.  Hey, I don't care.  It's progress.

Side Story:
There once was a boy who loved playing with water.  He loved to pour water from a cup, baby bottle cap, bowl, whatever he could get water in.  One day, his little, baby brother was swinging in his swing.  The big brother was playing in the kitchen sink making a water mess on the floor.  His beautiful mother was trying to get him to stop making the mess and eat his dinner in the other room (where his brother was happily swinging in his swing).  So, his mother said, "Hey, your little brother is eating your food."  The boy rushed down off the stool, runs to the other room, and there is quiet for about 5 seconds.  The mother thought she out-smarted the boy into eating his dinner.  The little, baby brother starts to cry.  The beautiful mother and handsome father run into the room.  The boy is trying to feed the little brother his food.  Obviously, the boy figured since he wasn't going to eat dinner let his baby brother eat it.  The little brother definitely knew something was wrong with the picture thankfully!!!  Poor big brother thought he was being helpful.  The mother and father had to explain that a baby CANNOT eat his food.  After a few tears, big brother resumed helping with more appropriate baby activities.  Moral of the story is to make when you trick a toddler into doing something it does NOT include the baby brother.

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